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Les and Dafna

Owners of the Maynard Fine Arts Theatre, Dafna Krouk-Gordon and Les Gordon, have always been passionate supporters of small independent movie theaters. In the midst of the pandemic, they acquired the theatre and creamery, extending a warm invitation to rediscover the joys of everyday life. The big screen experience, with its power to whisk you away to fantastical realms, immerse you in the lives of compelling characters, and offer a respite from the real world, is truly unparalleled.

Their vision for the theatre is to establish it as a regional hub for culture and entertainment, showcasing an array of first-run films, from blockbusters and family favorites to indie gems, international flicks, and niche selections. They aspire to create an inviting atmosphere for commemorating special events, fostering lively film debates, hosting birthday parties, celebrating milestones, organizing film festivals, and accommodating corporate gatherings and private screenings. With a future steeped in cherished memories and lasting traditions, Maynard Fine Arts Theatre is set to become the go-to destination for all occasions.

Dafna and Les bring a wealth of professional expertise to the table. Les has a rich background in fundraising and special events, while Dafna serves as the founder and president of Toward Independent Living and Learning (TILL, Inc), an organization that supports individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. Together, they plan to leverage the theatre as a platform for training and employing people with disabilities in the movie theater industry and the adjoining ice cream retail shop.

Theatre History

Old theatre

Fine Arts Theatre Place Opens

The Fine Arts Theatre was originally a livery stable and later a garage before being converted to a cinema by Burton J. Coughlan, opening in 1949.


A Difficult Period

Competition from movie mega-plexus hurts attendance and sales at small theaters, and Fine Arts Theatre Place falls into disrepair. It finally closes in 2012 and is put up for sale.


The Theatre Opens Again

Steve Trumble, a local businessman and native of Sudbury, purchases the theatre and pledges to restore it to its former glory. After 13 months and more than $1 million in restorations, Fine Arts Theatre Place reopens to the public on November 5, 2014.

Theatre re-opening

The Grand Re-Opening

After the COVID pandemic forced the theatre to temporarily close in 2020, it was sold to new owners Les Gordon and Dafna Krouk-Gordon who are passionate about cinema and ice cream. Les and Dafna celebrated the grand re-opening in May 2022, with the charming Theatre Creamery next door. The new owners are committed to maintaining the vintage feel of the theatre so that families can continue to make great memories for generations to come.