Few comedic actors have left a more indelible mark on our culture than Gene Wilder, whose performances in such classics as The Producers, Young Frankenstein, and Silver Streak made him one of the most beloved stars of his era. This enrapturing and heartfelt documentary takes a close look at the life and career of this American original, from his Jewish upbringing in Milwaukee, to his early stage work, to his breakthrough collaborations with Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, to his marriage to Gilda Radner and beyond. Using a variety of touching and hilarious clips and outtakes; never-before-seen home movies; narration from Wilder’s audiobook memoir; and interviews from a roster of brilliant collaborators including Mel Brooks, Alan Alda, Carol Kane, Harry Connick Jr., Rain Pryor, Karen Wilder (Gene’s wife), and Peter Ostrum, who portrayed Charlie in one of Gene’s most memorable roles, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Ron Frank’s film shines a light on an essential performer, writer, director, and all-around mensch.