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This event promises to be a night of inspiration, celebration, and awareness.
Dream (71 minutes): A story of an autistic man’s transformative encounter with a blind woman. Her influence opens his world to new possibilities, crafting a narrative that celebrates diversity and the essence of human connection. Notably, Dream stars non-actors with disabilities and features scenes shot at the Carroll Center for the Blind, highlighting activities like blind fencing and blind sailing.
Beethoven’s Letters (5 minutes): Beethoven’s deafness and self-imposed isolation made it difficult for others to relate to him. We can gain a glimpse into his inner thoughts through his numerous letters and quotes. Winner of the Cittador International Film Festival.
Singing in the Dark (5 minutes): Ellis Hall is a blind singer whose music has inspired thousands. The film shows that all one needs is love and faith to create art that touches people despite all odds. Grand prize winner at the 2019 AT&T Shape Create-a-thon.
Join us for three groundbreaking, award-winning films by Raouf Zaki that explore the intersection of disability, music, and the indomitable human spirit.


71 minutes


April 14, 2024